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Let us introduce you to the town we've adopted ...

The Beautiful Victorian Town on the River

This little jewel sits in the "North State" as Northern Californians call the area. To the east is Lassen National Park, featuring a real volcano. To the North is Lake Shasta, and the beautiful Mount Shasta which has snow all year round. The Sacramento river runs through the middle of town, and meanders hither and yon before and after the town. Downtown is Victorian in architecture, and there is a lot happening under the quiet exterior. What a well kept secret this place is!

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Marvin and Anne Whiteman

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A look at life that is desired by many and thought lost forever .....

Photograph of downtown Red Bluff, the historic section

Here is a picture of one block of downtown Red Bluff.

As you can see,this photograph was taken on a "busy traffic" day. (very rare!) The line of cars you see is stopped at one of our few traffic lights. When the line gets this long, the locals complain "about the traffic!"

These charming shops have specialty items, antiques, food services. It is interesting and fun to stroll through this area and see what is offered.

The City Council just gave approval to use the second stories to the shops for residences, a practical use.

Of course, Red Bluff has a modern side, too. Big, bright grocery stores, restaurants ... even a Wal-Mart! It's historical significance is fun and important, but residents enjoy uncrowded shopping and easy parking in other areas as well.

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